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Friday, April 26, 2019

My Turning Point towards Homoeo[athy

My Turning Point
Dr Prasad Rasal
When I was in 4th BHMS, and working in a private orthopedic hospital at Pune, I came across a female co-worker suffering from severe chronic asthmatic bronchitis. She was just attending her duty without actually doing her work. She was already on Prednisolone 10 mg BD, Deriphylin R 300 mg BD, Ventorlin BD and changing antibiotics, since long without any result. She used to come for duty, but whole day, she sat in Knee-chest position with great dyspnoea.
I asked my Sir, how have you continued her on duty?
He explained that, she was working in this hospital right from the time hospital opened. That’s why, I have still kept her.
So I asked, shall I give Homoeopathic medicine to her?
He said, why not?
This was the first chance in my life, to take a homoeopathic case, personally. So, I revised case taking methods and the case which I took was as follows:
DOB : 01/08/89
OCCUPATION : Service in Hospital
Sensation and Pathology
A/F and Modalities
Respiratory system 5-6 Yrs
< Sitting
< Movement
< Lifting weight
< Exertion
> Lying down with knee chest position
Aching pain in. chest wall.
Respiratory system 5-6 Yrs
Cough-continuous, aching
< Talking
< Cloudy
< Damp cold, rainy weather
< Evening,
< After midnight,
< Lying down in supine position.
< Smell - oily things.
< Tobacco smell
< Daytime.
> Lying in knee chest position
> Fanning.
Soreness in chest.
Respiratory system 5-6 Yrs
Sputum-Frothy, while seldom bloody.
> Summer
> Warm drink

GIT 21 Yrs

Coryza-watery sometime bloody- During Coryza patient feels hot internally, but externally no temp.
> Steam inhalation, warm application.
< 7am-12am
< 6pm-3am

HEAD: Supra-orbital, Vertex, Occipital region.
Headache - Throbbing and squeezing type of pain.
> by pressure

Trembling of extremities.Pain in both ankles. Numbness. Joints tender.
< Standing for longtime.
< After walking
Vertigo Giddiness
Past History:
1. Pain in right knee joint 3 yrs back.
2. Whooping cough-in childhood.
3. Tonsillectomy-5 yrs back.
4. Tubectomy-13 yrs back.
5. H/O Chronic Leucorrhoea.
6. Attacks of Breathlessness
Family History: Father : H/o chronic cough
Patient As A Person
Appetite: Decrease in last 5-6 months
Thirst : Only at night.
Desire Aversion and Effects
Eggs: A ++. Ice cream: D+. Meat: A+. Milk: D++. Salt: D++. Sour: D++. Sweet: D+++
Elimination: Daytime normal
Urine: 4-5 Times at night
Stool: Constipation on alternate days.
Respiration: Yellowish, staining.
Menstrual function: 2/20 days
Rmp/Imp: Scanty bleeding
Metrorrhagia: Dark, brown color.
Leucorrhoea: Staining cloths yellow.
Sleep: Disturbs at midnight because of cough and dyspnoeic attack. Can’t sleep for long Again in morning, sleeps for ½ -1 hour.
Dreams: Snake
Thermal reaction:
Bath: Semi-hot. Coverings: Up to Neck. Fan: wants fan continuously.
Season : Likes Summer.
Mental State
·         Wants everything at place otherwise get irritable
·         Anxiety causing throbbing headache, wants to remain quiet, but not alone.
·         Fear of death; what will happen to my son and daughter? Anxious about future+++.
·         Fears something bad will happen to me+++.
·         Hasty, hurried while walking, working+++.
Physical General Examination:
Patient is conscious, well oriented, poorly built and poorly nourished.
Temp: Elevated at night only
RR:32min. P:100/min. Tongue: Red tips clean.
Nails: Clubbing 1st
Eyes: Conjunctiva pale
Skin: Dry
Systemic Examination:
1. Inspection: Normal chest, but little bilateral expansion.
2. Palpitation: Tenderness all over chest because of coughing.
3. Percussion: Resonance all over.
4. Auscultation: Rhonchi well marked.
A Diagnosed Case of Bronchial Asthma:
Analysis Of The Case:
After case taking, I read it a number of times, discussed it with my colleagues, repertorised with following rubrics.
Repertorial Totality:
1. Ailments, anticipation
2. Fastidious
3. Fear, misfortune of
4. Hurry, haste tendency
5. Food and drinks, sweets and salt desire
Result Of Repertorisation
1. Medorrhinum 15/6
2. Arg- nit 12/5
3. Puls 12/5
4. Ars-alb 11/5
5. Sulph 10/5
Miasmatic Interpretation
: Chronic bronchial asthma with fixity at physical and mental level.
Homoeopathic Management
A) Avoid misri (no reference given earlier).
B) Steam inhalation.
Medicinal Treatment:
As I was a student , I hesitated to prescribe Nosode as a First Prescription and was in a lot of dilemma regarding potency selection. Still, after discussion with seniors and colleagues, we decided to give nosode as a first prescription, cautioning her about homoeopathic aggravation.
I selected, Medorrhinum 200-1 dose with Placebo for 10 days.
Follow up
02/01/89 : Amazing thing happened after taking a dose of Medorrhinum. She felt absolutely relaxed immediately, which she could not in previous 10 years. She started moving about without any disturbance. Cough stopped completely.
02/12/89 : Absolute no breathlessness. Working with full confidence and strength.
Weakness disappeared. Thereafter, I was there for 2 years in same hospital, but I never noticed a recurrence. Even today, she is asymptomatic and enjoying her life.
So, because my father was a senior allopath, I had taken admission to get label of a doctor and not a homoeopath. It was only after getting confirmation about the efficacy of homoeopathy through personal experience that I got converted to Homoeopathy. Today, I am practicing successfully since last 28 years.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Herpes Zoster & Homoeopathy

 Herpes Zoster before Treatment
 Herpes Zoster after Treatment on 7th Day
Treated with Rhus Tox 10M 3 doses followed by Ferrum Phos 6X & Kali Mur 6X for 7 days

Herpes Zoster Treated with homoeopathy...
Explanation given by Dr Prasad Rasal Sir as follows:
Why Rhus Tox?
In 28 years of my practice, I have not seen a single failure with this formula...
Rhus Tox is very specific for Herpes Zoster because typical Rhus Tox state develops during this illness...
-Can't sit in one place due to severe burning
-Patient is ready to do anything during pain... Superstitious
नागीन उतरवणं
-Generally appears in this rainy season
Ferrum Phos for 1st stage of Inflammation i.e. Redness, Pain
Kali Mur for 2nd stage of Inflammation i.e. Vesicular Eruptions containing Serious Plastic Exudate

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Funny Rubric

As compared to yesterday’s post i.e. Anger, Wife towards which covers a Single Remedy Thulium Carb, I have searched for the rubric…
Complete Repertory:
Anger, Husband, towards: Adam, Aids, Calop-s, Cinis-p, Culx-p, Glyc-g, Luna, Plac 2, Scorp 2, Stoi-k, Thuja 2, Turq 2, Uran

There are 13 remedies found.
It has been proved that Women always have more daring to show their Anger against their Husbands.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Funny Rubric

Anger: Wife, towards: Thulium carbonicum
It's funny but real common rubric of maximum married men from Complete Repertory. 
But Thulium Carbonicum is the only remedy in the Homoeopathic Materia Medica having a daring to show an anger towards wife...

Thulium carbonicum is the remedy from Lanthanide Series explained in detail with cases by Dr Jan Scholten in his book.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rubric & Explanation

Dragged on mothers arm, Child: Silicea 3 Single Remedy

This is a observational rubric commonly perceived in your OPD. Child is Shy, Timid, Coward, Clinging to his mother, Fears Strangers & never liked to be looked at. As soon as you approached to the child, he start immediately dragging on mothers arm because Mother is the secured place.
Rubrics associated with this state are:
  • Looked at: Cannot bear to be: Sil 1
  • Cowardice: Sil 3
  • Timidity: Bashful: Sil 3
  • Fear: Strangers, of: Sil 1
  • Clinging: Children, of: Sil 1
  • Clinging: Mother to: Sil 1
  • Clinging: Take hand or part of mother, will always: Sil 1

Monday, July 23, 2018

Elaps Cor

Single Remedy Rubrics of Elaps Cor from Generalities

[Complete ] [Generalities]Food and drinks:Beef:Desires:Sauce, with sour: Elaps 3
[Complete ] [Generalities]Food and drinks:Buttermilk:Desires:Sweetened: Elaps 3
[Complete ] [Generalities]Food and drinks:Oranges:Aversion: Elaps 1
[Complete ] [Generalities]Motion, motions:Amel.:Oscillating: Elaps 3
[Complete ] [Generalities]Rain:Aversion: Elaps 1