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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Practical Hints: Dr S R Phatak

Phatak says in Tarentula Hispanica, there is Severe Constipation, not relieved by purgatives or enema.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Practical Hints: E B Nash

Nash says...Theridion is the remedy for "Vertigo with nausea especially on closing the eyes; from any even least noise; aural or labyrinthine (Meniere's disease)" & he compare it like this:
- on closing eyes: Lach, Thuja
- on opening them: Tabacum
- on looking upward: Puls, Silicea

In Theridion..."every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body, causing nausea & vertigo". 
 Asarum has a somewhat similar symptom which is worth remembering..."Oversensitiveness of nerves, scratching of linen or silk, crackling of paper is unbearable" ( Ferrum, Taraxacum)

Another  symptom of Theridion which seems to be very valuable in chest affections is, "pains run through upper left chest to shoulder".

Practical Hints: Roger Morrison

Roger says Dolichos is the remedy for Tremendous, Unbearable Itching without Eruption may be due to Liver Disturbance & Jaundice or Pregnancy & often cause Despair or even Suicidal Thoughts...

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Practical Hints: E B Nash

Nash says Sambucus Nigra has one very peculiar characteristic which should never be forgotten is: "Dry Heat" while asleep & profuse sweat when awake. No other remedy has it & it has confirmed many times.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Practical hints: Roger Morrison

Asaram Europum is a Very Good Remedy for...
Sensibility increased even from mere Imagination
Tremendous sensitivity, specially to noise
Tremendous erethism, nerves on edge
Hysteria; hysterical laughing & crying
Restless wringing of the hands
General < from loud noise
Vertigo often accompanied by a floating sensation
Hyper-acuity for noise, specially noises like scratching of nails on chalkboard, or of chewing
Restlessness of fingers; wrings the hands anxiously
Disturbed sleep or prevented by slight noises

Practical Hints: Roger Morrison

Elaps cor is a good remedy for...
Fear Of Rain
Fear of Stroke
Fear of Snakes
Sensation coldness in stomach & chest < cold drinks
Desires: Ice, Oranges, Salads
Aversion to Banana
Gastritis, Peptic Ulcers & Oesophageal Spasms

Practical Hints: Robin Murphy

Murphy says Lac Vaccinum Coagulatum is a remedy for Vomiting of Pregnancy > by drinking milk, > lying on back, < during menstruation, < any motion
Morning sickness
Fickle appetite
Nausea, Water brash